Inspire Schools is all about getting a message across to children in such a way that it captures their imagination as well as their heart. Helping navigate children on a journey, by meeting them where they are at and with a little ‘out of the box’ thinking and a sprinkling of creativity, helping them to form firm foundations for their futures, as they build the life they will choose to live.

This website aims to be a resource for the teacher, schools worker, pastor or assemblies team, with options to download assemblies, session plans, and workshops in an easy to use off the shelf format, many of which link to the SEAL programme.

The possibilities are endless… take a look around and see for yourself… be Inspired!

Inspire Schools is headed up by Martin & Emma Price.

Introducing Martin

Martin has a background in youth and children’s work going back some 20 years. In that time he has led children’s camps, class work, assemblies, workshops and clubs.

Martin has been employed by churches, Youth For Christ, the YMCA and as a Schools Pastoral Worker doing 1:1 work with pupils struggling in school or affected by truancy. Most recently Martin has supported youngsters as a foster carer for difficult to place youngsters and as a PA for a young man with special needs.

Introducing Emma

Emma has also dedicated a lot of her working life to children and young people, in many of the same guises as Martin. Emma was also employed by YMCA focusing her attention on the needs of young people in a primary school, on a very difficult estate in Norwich, initiating an anti-bullying programme, small group work and bespoke sessional work with vulnerable children.

Her 1:1 skills were also put to good use as a behavioural mentor at a failing school in Birmingham; here she met many a challenge – head on! Most recently Emma has been the main carer in fostering with a focused passion over the last 5 years being in caring for children with profound and complex disabilities and behaviours.

A pro-active Governor of Mayfield Special School, she served as Chair for 2 years and as a special needs representative on Chorley Children’s Trust. Emma is trained in Performing Arts and writes all the Inspire Schools material herself.